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                        Large Part Manufacturing • Value-Added Services • Fully Functional Assemblies


                        Project Gallery


                        Click on a photo to view a larger image.


                        Completed Project Photography

                        7 Layer Die For Blown Film - Large Turning - 5 Axis Milling
                        7 Layer Die For Blown Film - Large Turning - 5 Axis Milling



                        In-Progress Photography

                        7 Layer Die For Blown Film - Large Turning - 5 Axis Milling
                        7 Layer Die For Blown Film - Large Turning - 5 Axis Milling
                        7 Layer Die For Blown Film - Large Turning - 5 Axis Milling
                        7 Layer Die For Blown Film - Large Turning - 5 Axis Milling
                        7 Layer Die For Blown Film - Large Turning - 5 Axis Milling


                        Magna Machine Company

                        11180 Southland Road
                        Cincinnati, OH 45240
                        Ph: 513.851.6900

                        Recent Projects

                        PROJECT TITLE:

                        7 Layer Die for blown film

                        PROJECT DESCRIPTION:

                        Magna machined and assembled what we understand is currently the largest 7 layer blown film die in the world for one of the major OEM’s in the plastics industries. The job was a build to print project that required larger machining faculties than our customer had in house. We could manage this project ahead of the schedule needed by our customer because of the large numbers of machines we have in house to perform the work and our years of experience machining die parts.

                        Capabilities Applied/Processes


                        • Vertical Turning
                        • Horizontal Turning
                        • Milling
                        • Gun Drilling
                        • Polishing
                        • Assembly
                        • Chrome Plating

                        Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

                        • CNC VTL’s
                        • CNC Horizontal Lathes
                        • CNC 4 Axis Mills
                        • CNC 5 Axis Mills

                        Overall Part Dimensions

                        • Length: 130” Diameter
                        • Height: 60”
                        • Width: 130”
                        • Weight: 70,000 lbs Assembled

                        Tightest Tolerances

                        • + -.0005

                        Material Used

                        • Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel

                        Material Finish

                        • 6-32 Rms

                        Industry for Use

                        • Plastic Blown Film

                        In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

                        • Laser Tracker
                        • Faro Arm


                        • One unit

                        Delivery/Turnaround Time

                        • 10 months

                        Delivery Location

                        • Europe

                        Standards Met

                        • ISO

                        Special Features

                        • All plastics flow paths machined and polished to 6 Rms finish.


                        Large turning and 5-axis milling
                        The client chose us based on our experience in machining these large parts.
                        Difficulties Overcome: The handling of this size highly polished parts is extremely difficult to avoid damage.
                        Positive Client Feedback: We received a letter of gratitude after the project was completed.
                        Special Feature of this Product: There are mutable layers of large diameter parts with very close tolerances that must stack up, and are then checked for concentricity after assembled that make it impossible for the average machine shop to do.
                        Finished Product:
                        • Programmers
                        • CNC Machinist
                        • Polishers and Assemblers

                        CONTACT US

                        Our experts are ready to discuss our capabilities and your needs.

                        Click here to contact us by email.

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