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                  1. Large Part Manufacturing • Value-Added Services • Fully Functional Assemblies


                    Project Gallery


                    Click on a photo to view a larger image.


                    Completed Project Photography

                    Facility For Rare Isotope Beams - Large CNC Machining
                    Facility For Rare Isotope Beams - Large CNC Machining



                    In-Progress Photography

                    Facility For Rare Isotope Beams - Large CNC Machining
                    Facility For Rare Isotope Beams - Large CNC Machining
                    Facility For Rare Isotope Beams - Large CNC Machining
                    Facility For Rare Isotope Beams - Large CNC Machining
                    Facility For Rare Isotope Beams - Large CNC Machining


                    Magna Machine Company

                    11180 Southland Road
                    Cincinnati, OH 45240
                    Ph: 513.851.6900

                    Recent Projects

                    PROJECT TITLE:

                    Facility for Rare Isotope Beams:

                    PROJECT DESCRIPTION:

                    Magna-Machine was sub-contracted to machine 3 large vessels as well as several sub-assemblies / lids for MSU for the Rare Isotope Beam Facility to explore new and unexplored regions of the nuclear chart.

                    Wedge Vessel, Target Vessel and Beam Dump

                    Capabilities Applied/Processes

                    Primary: Large machining in Super Bay


                    • Laser Inspect
                    • De-burr/Polish


                    Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

                    • Union PCR 160 Ram Type CNC

                    Overall Part Dimensions

                    Wedge Vessel
                    • Length: 19’ 3/8”
                    • Height: 14’ ½”
                    • Width: 10’ 3/8”
                    • Weight: Approximately 85,000 lbs
                    Target Vessel
                    • Length: 20’ ¾”
                    • Height: 14’ 3/16”
                    • Width: 9’ 7/8”
                    • Weight: Approximately 79,000 lbs
                    Beam Dump
                    • Length: 24’ 11/16”
                    • Height: 21’ 3/8”
                    • Width: 12’ 1/4”
                    • Weight: Approximately 156,500 lbs

                    Tightest Tolerances

                    • Flatness of .005
                    • Surface finish 16 micro

                    Material Used

                    • 304 SST

                    Material Finish

                    • 16 micro

                    Industry for Use

                    • Research Rare Isotope Beam

                    In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

                    • Laser Tracker


                    • One unit

                    Delivery/Turnaround Time

                    • 26 weeks ARO/ARM

                    Delivery Location

                    • Michigan State University

                    Standards Met

                    • Built Per Customers Specifications

                    Special Features

                    • This unit.


                    This unit highlights our ability to manufacture very large projects.
                    The client chose us based on our ability to manufacture very large projects.
                    Difficulties Overcome: Holding the flatness of usable condition and polishing O-ring grooves to a 16 micro.
                    Positive Client Feedback: The customer is please with our quality.
                    Special Feature of this Product: These parts require the ability to hold vacuum of 2 -7 torr.
                    Finished Product:
                    • Machinist
                    • Deburr/Polish
                    • Quality

                    CONTACT US

                    Our experts are ready to discuss our capabilities and your needs.

                    Click here to contact us by email.

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