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                • Large Part Manufacturing • Value-Added Services • Fully Functional Assemblies


                  Mission Statement

                  The Magna Machine Company maintains excellence by providing quality production, personalized service, on-time delivery and a commitment to continuous improvement.



                  Magna Vision & Objectives

                  • Excellence
                  • Educate our Stakeholders
                  • Improve Productivity
                  • Improve Customer Awareness
                  • Eliminate Waste
                  • Improve Customer Value
                  • Flexibility
                  • Consistency
                  • High Quality
                  • Low Cost
                  • Professional Service


                  Magna Machine Company

                  11180 Southland Road
                  Cincinnati, OH 45240
                  Ph: 513.851.6900

                  RFQ/File Transfer

                  * Indicates required entries.

                  * First Name:

                  * Last Name:


                  * Company:

                  Address 1:

                  Address 2:


                  * State:





                  * Email:

                  To help us respond more quickly to your needs, please share the following information where applicable:

                  Describe the current project to be quoted. Please include primary process(es) to be performed:

                  Material(s) to be used:

                  Describe any critical tolerances that need to be met (size, location - you may refer to attached CAD file if necessary):

                  Describe any secondary operations that will be required (secondary machining, finishing, coating, grinding...):

                  Number of pieces to quote:

                  When do you need this project completed by?: (Timeframe for quote, timeframe for prototype parts, timeframe for production parts, delivery schedule...):

                  Upload Files

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